What Was I Thinking: Married/Divorced x 3

A view from my side.

Condescending Attitude and Bitchiness

Ex #3 dropped Morgan off this morning.  We spoke and I shared some observations of Morgan’s behavior yesterday.  She sighed heavily and commented that I needed to do more research on Morgan’s condition.  She, as is her custom, was full of holier than thou attitude.

I called her a bit later to tell her I, like her, am learning about Morgan’s condition pretty much on an as it goes basis.  After telling her I was learning about Morgan’s condition on a daily basis, I started into the meat of what I wanted to talk about with something along the lines of “I would appreciate it if you would adjust your attitude…”

She interrupted me.  Told me she was not about to have this conversation with me.  That she was tired of “doing it by myself” and that my concern over her attitude was, quite frankly, the lowest concern on her list right now.  That what I needed to do was to simply say good-bye and hang up.  So I did what any person would do in that situation…I simply hung up the phone.

First of all, she hasn’t “done it by herself.”  I was on both recent ER visits with her, driving Morgan AND her to one of them.  I took Morgan after the 2nd visit, at Ex #3’s request, for the rest of the afternoon.  I have taken Morgan for at least parts of just about every weekend since New Year’s.  I am more than happy to have Morgan anytime I can get her and would be ecstatic to have her permanently.

I did miss  the visit to the neuro when Morgan had her EEG, but was told my Ex #3 that I need not show up until the consultation after the EEG.  Having an unavoidable conflict with an obligation at school, I missed the consultation.  So, that is pretty much the only thing she has had to “do by herself.”

Ex #3 is all about drama.  So much drama.  If there is no drama, she will create it.  Her parents once told me that when she was younger, they would sit back and watch/listen to her go on about something, about how awful it was.  About how horribly it affected her.  About how difficult it was going to be to deal with.  Then, they would applaud and say, “And the Oscar goes to…”

I am no longer married to Ex #3.  I am not about to put up with her attitude, especially in relation to this issue.  She can check it at the door.  Yes, Morgan’s condition can make an emotional mess out of people.  Yes, it can be frustrating when one or the other of us misses something or doesn’t know something.  But condescension has no place in it.  None whatsoever.


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This entry was posted on May 1, 2011 by in Ex#3, Kid#4.
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