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A view from my side.

Catching Up

I had dinner with a friend last night.  A friend I haven’t seen in over 20 years.  An Italian meal and two bottles of wine later and we were mostly caught up.  What made the meal so special was that we picked up pretty much were we left off 20 odd years ago.  Many shared memories coupled with the stories of kids, wives, partners, friends, relatives, dogs, fish and life brought laughter, tears, and appreciation for a good friend.

I have moved so much in my life, I have become skilled at just leaving things behind.  (Ex#3 blames that ability for many things gone bad in our relationship when it was really simply that she’s a bitch, but that’s another set of posts for another time. )  But with that ability to pick up and leave is the ability to pick up and rejoin.   I have rejoined with an old friend.  It feels good.  It feels uplifting.  It feels right.  It feels as though another piece has been put in its proper place of this puzzle that is my life.

I like the picture that is emerging for the most part.  I trust you like yours as well.


One comment on “Catching Up

  1. ecnar
    May 1, 2011

    Actually, 30 years but seems just a week or so… …and ditto

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