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Just a little bit racist…

Alabama politics.  We just endured a primary season where just about the worst thing you can be branded is…a “liberal.”  I laughed out loud at one ad that accused the opponent of being a supporter of…Evolution.  It would be funny if it weren’t so effective.  Evolution is very controversial here.  But, that will be fodder for another post.

Today’s topic is racism.  Alabama is well known for it.  Governor Wallace is famous for his inaugural address in which he said that he believed in “segregation today…segregation tomorrow…segregation forever!”  That was in 1963.  Since then, society has been altered by the Civil Rights Movement and even Gov. Wallace, over time, came to recant those words.  In his fourth and final term as Governor, from 1983-1987, he appointed a record number of black citizens to positions of power in the government.

This time around, the object of the racism is a different color.  This time, it is the immigrant.  In an ad for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2010, the Tim James campaign actually aired the following ad:

That’s right:  Vote for Tim and we’ll rid ourselves of all those people that speak all those other languages instead of English.  I wonder what Tim’s solution would be for those that don’t speak English?  Does he want to buy them a bus ticket to Atlanta?  Perhaps he would just rather send them to Arizona.  Yeah, let them deal with it.

What was really scary is that Tim…almost won enough votes to be in a run off for the nomination.  Racist?  Oh yeah…just a little bit.


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This entry was posted on June 18, 2010 by in Politics.
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